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Nutrition coaching sessions are available online or in person at Be Well Health Group in Grovedale, Geelong.



Your first consultation (60 minutes) will involve a comprehensive nutrition & lifestyle assessment. The assessment will be a detailed investigation of your medical history, gut health, mental health, sleep routine, movement, energy & stress levels, in addition to your diet & nutrition challenges. This information will be used to develop a personalised, integrative nutrition plan that addresses your key health concerns.

As part of this plan, you will receive recommendations on foods, supplements & lifestyle practices to support your nutrition goals. You will also receive recipes & meal suggestions based on your preferences, skill level and time commitments. At this time, you may also be referred for further testing, including pathology to identify any underlying nutrient deficiencies.

Between consults, you can review your recommendations on your online client portal. This can be accessed from your desktop computer or through a mobile app. Through the app, you will have access to unlimited messaging support where you can ask questions throughout the week to help you stay on track. You can also use the app to view your daily tasks, maintain a food & symptom diary, complete your forms ahead of sessions, schedule new appointments and more.

Your next consult will typically be 1-2 weeks after your initial consult and will be around 30-45 minutes in length. Depending on your preference, this consult can be in-clinic (at Be Well Health Group) or online. This will be where we get into the specifics of your nutrition plan, and add to the foundations we set in our previous session. We will also use this time to interpret results from further testing, review food & symptom diaries, and troubleshoot any challenges that have occurred over the week.

Progress consults may continue at regular intervals based on the nature on your health concerns. Between consults, you will have continued access to your online portal to help you stay on track, develop positive habits and receive the necessary support so that your learning and health progresses beyond our 1:1 consults.



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